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Academic Libraries of Indiana (ALI): Get Involved

Interested in getting involved with ALI? Here are some of the things you can do! 


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Librarians and staff members at member institutions are encouraged to join one of the committees that make ALI work! Contact the Committee Chair(s) of the committee that interests you. 

ALI Committees:

Affordable Learning Assessment
Communications Information Literacy (ILC)
Resource Advisory (RAC) Resource Sharing
Scholarly Communication Shared Collections



There are several active, interesting ALI listservs that interested librarians and employees at member institutions can join:


For staff, librarians, and/or directors who participate in ALI resource sharing programs. Multiple people from a library can join!


For interlibrary loan staff, librarians, and/or directors involved in direct request projects. Multiple people from a library can join!


For staff, librarians and /or directors who handle or are involved in the selection and/or purchase of electronic information resources.


For librarians and stakeholders who are actively participating in the HAIL Project or who are interested in bringing information literacy skills to the lives of all Hoosiers.


For those interested in discussing information literacy and/or implementing ALI information literacy programs.


For those interested in hearing from and communicating with Lyrasis.


For those interested in and/or involved with open access.


To promote and archive discussions among ALI members interested in shared collection management.


To facilitate and archive discussions about resource sharing among ALI member libraries.


For those interested in improving communication among ALI members.



How to join a listserv:

Except for ALI-L (for member library directors) and ALI-Board-L (for members of the ALI Board of Directors) that are closed lists, follow these steps to subscribe to any or all of the lists: 

  1. Send a message to from the e-mail address you want to subscribe.
  2. In the subject line, type the following (using the name of the list to which you wish to subscribe and your own name):
    • subscribe <list name> <Firstname Lastname> 
    • Example: <Jane Austen>
  3. Leave the message body blank.

You will receive a message letting you know whether your request was accepted or not.  You also may be asked to confirm your subscription request before it can be processed. If so, follow the instructions contained in the message you receive.

To send a message to all members of a list, members should send a message to:
<list name>

To UNSUBSCRIBE to any ALI list, send an e-mail message to with the message:

Unsubscribe <list> <EMAIL>

This command must appear in the message body and each line must contain only one command. Replace <list> with the name of your list and <EMAIL> with the e-mail address you wish to unsubscribe.

Additionally, you may send an email message to Alicia Añino at and ask that your name be removed from a certain list.