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Resource Advisory Committee: About Us

Information and Resources from the Resource Advisory Committee of the Academic Libraries of Indiana (ALI)

What We Do

  • Determine options (models) for the process of identifying an expanded set of online resources to license, and models for short and long term funding.
  • Make recommendations for establishing expertise on licensing terms and legal aspects, as well as negotiation strategies.
  • Give consideration to the issues of authentication and digital archiving for these resources as appropriate.
  • Provide an estimated budget, and an assessment of the broader impact on strategies for legislative funding, such as issues related to the public good.

Meet Our Team

CHAIR (2022-2024)

Ruth ConnellValparaiso University

Becca Neel, University of Southern Indiana
Lori DugganIU Bloomington
PALNI representative (vacant)
Lisa Gonzalez, PALNI
CHAIR (2024-2026)
Melissa Gustafson, Indiana State University
Ivy Tech Community College representative 
Kelli GetzUniversity of Notre Dame
Nathan Rupp, Purdue University

Keven PetscheIUPUI

Michael Twigg, Ball State University