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Academic Libraries of Indiana (ALI): Committees

The consortial and professional development work of ALI is done by a variety of volunteer committees, each of which is described below. Librarians working at ALI member institutions who are interested in participating in ALI committees should contact the committee chair to inquire about membership rules, requirements, and potential openings.

Affordable Learning Committee (ALC)

Chair: Beth Lindsay (Wabash College)

The charge of the Affordable Learning Committee is to provide the communication structure needed to build awareness and share resources about alternatives to traditional course materials, such as open educational resources (OER) and library-licensed content, among ALI members; to facilitate educational opportunities about techniques and best practices for implementation, focusing on the library’s role; and to research and recommend further collaboration-based opportunities to the Board. 

Communication Committee (CC)

Chair: Laura M. Bernhardt (University of Southern Indiana)

The Communication Committee is charged to analyze and recommend communication outlets and strategies for keeping members informed of ALI's activities, initiatives, and opportunities for involvement, including the on boarding of new directors and library employees; to oversee, organize, and monitor the ALI website, which includes maintaining and updating general ALI information and the underlying software platform; to solicit and coordinate the submission and archiving of documents, both internal and external, related to ALI; to determine how best to manage shared ALI documents and information; and to foster communication between ALI members, the Board, and its committees.

Mentorship Committee (MC)

Co-Chairs: Beth South (IU East)

The ALI Mentorship Committee's charge is to define the scope of ALI membership; recommend mentoring pathways and strategies for keeping members, prospective librarians, and other associates informed of ALI's activities, initiatives, and opportunities for involvement; create a structure to help manage and assess the ongoing opportunities within the mentoring spectrum; and establish a process for ongoing evaluation of the program (i.e. regular feedback from mentees and mentors, the process of establishing matches, committee members identified as a point of contact for participants in the program).

Resource Advisory Committee (RAC)

Chair: Ruth Connell (Valparaiso University)

The ALI Resource Advisory Committee (RAC) is charged to determine options (models) for the process of identifying an expanded set of online resources to license, and models for short and long term funding to make recommendations for establishing expertise on licensing terms and legal aspects, as well as negotiation strategies, to give consideration to the issues of authentication and digital archiving for these resources as appropriate, and to provide an estimated budget and an assessment of the broader impact on strategies for legislative funding, such as issues related to the public good.

Scholarly Communication Committee (SCHCC)

Chair: Peter Whiting (USI)

The Scholarly Communication Committee's charge is to serve as a focal point for exploring scholarly communication issues, to discuss new opportunities that would further facilitate collaboration and adoption of best practices among ALI members, and to recommend courses of action to the Board. The committee will develop and implement Board and member-approved opportunities.

Assessment Committee (AC)

Chair: Amy Petts (Ball State University)

The ALI Assessment Committee provides a forum for identifying assessment models, research strategies, and identify techniques for assessing effective use of library space, collections, and services. The committee represents to ALI the academic librarians’ findings, concerns, and interest in library assessment.

Information Literacy Committee (ILC)

Chair: Samantha Legrand (Purdue University). Vice-Chair: Jenni Burke (Butler University)

The Information Literacy Committee is charged to serve as a focal point for exploring information literacy issues, to discuss new opportunities that would further facilitate collaboration and adoption of best practices among ALI members, and to recommend courses of action to the Board. Develop and implement Board and member-approved opportunities. 

Resource Sharing Committee (RSC)

Interim Co-Chairs: Roger Peters (Concordia Theological Seminary) and Holli Moseman (Indiana State University)

The Resource Sharing Committee's charge is to Identify and analyze resource sharing models, innovations, trends, and strategies; to recommend policies and promote best practices that expand the resource sharing capacity of ALI libraries; and to maintain deep collaboration with the Indiana State Library in the organization of a statewide resource-sharing conference and participate in the evaluation of systems and technologies to facilitate discovery and remote circulation of materials

Shared Collections Committee (SCC)

Chair: Josh Petrusa (Butler University)

The Charge of the ALI Shared Collections Committee is to assess the current state of shared collections in Indiana; investigate and develop strategies for lightweight and sustainable statewide collaborations in the area of shared collections; liaise and collaborate with regional and national shared print initiatives; develop a communications plan for explaining and promoting shared collections efforts within the state; and work with other ALI Committees to develop overarching strategies around collections.

Technology Committee (TC)

Chair:  Mark Dehmlow (University of Notre Dame)

The Charge of the ALI Technology Committee is to maintain awareness of existing and emerging technologies in academic libraries, to help develop technological expertise to benefit ALI libraries, and to share best practices, training, and professional development opportunities with ALI member libraries.