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ALI Assessment Committee: Assessment Committee

What We Do

The ALI Assessment Committee provides a forum for identifying assessment models, research strategies, and techniques for assessing effective use of library space, collections, and services. The committee represents to ALI the academic librarians’ findings, concerns, and interest in library assessment.

The Assessment Committee will:

•Survey the academic librarians’ ongoing professional development needs and interests in assessment.
•Compile and update online and face to face assessment-related content addressing needs and interests of academic librarians
•Promote opportunities for academic librarians to collaborate, connect and converse on library assessment
•Represent academic librarians’ concerns for the ongoing development of library assessment

Create an online toolbox for academic librarians

Meet Our Team


Suzanne Rice
Assistant Dean for Public Services, University Libraries, Ball State University



Suzanne Hinnefeld
Collection Development Librarian, Cushwa-Leighton Library, Saint Mary's College

Mandy Havert
​Graduate Outreach and Digital Research Librarian Hesburgh Libraries, University of Notre Dame

Nastasha Johnson
Physical Sciences, Engineering, Technology Specialist, Purdue University


Webinar Recordings

Assessment Presentations May 2016