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Technology Committee: About Us

Technology Committee of the Academic Libraries of Indiana (ALI)

Technology Committee

Committee charge:

To maintain awareness of existing and emerging technologies in academic libraries, to help develop technological expertise to benefit ALI libraries, and to share best practices, training, and professional development opportunities with ALI member libraries.

Meet Our Team


Katie Bohnert | Open Access Publishing & Web Hosting Specialist

Ball State University




Pam Childers | Systems & Web Librarian 

Indiana Wesleyan University


Brad Faust | Associate Dean for Library Data & Discovery Solutions 

Ball State University

E-mail List Monitor:


E-mail List Monitor:

Katie Bohnert | Library Scholarly Publishing and User Interface Analyst

Ball State University


Ryan Overdorf | Research and Instruction Librarian & Adjunct Lecturer in Law

Robert H. McKinney School of Law, Ruth Lilly Law Library


Current and Upcoming Actions:

Upcoming Webinar



Committee Members


  1. (4-10) “active” members (Preferably this person deals with technology at their institution.)
  2. (1) communication designee from each institution to facilitate communication and information gathering


Officers: (Executive Committee)

  1. Chair – 2-year term (Liaison to the board)
  2. Vice Chair – 1-year term (automatically becomes chair at end of term)
  3. Webmaster – monitors and upkeeps web presence and committee submissions/changes
  4. Email List Monitor(s) – monitors email list and works to compile and/or create content. Also encourages sharing of information and questions by users.
  5. Secretary – keeps minutes of meetings and chronicles decisions made by the committee.


Values of committee and members:

  1. Interest in and/or familiarity with the technology landscape of academic libraries
  2. Willingness to engage in spirited discussions
  3. Collaborative attitude

Jason Reynolds


Founded in February 2016, Indiana Digital Preservation or InDiPres was established to assist small to mid-sized cultural memory organizations with the long term preservation of digital content. InDiPres is a community-based organization governed by its members, who share in the expense of secure, geographically distributed storage. InDiPres achieves this through its collaborative membership in the MetaArchive Cooperative Preservation Network ( Any Indiana institution creating digital content whose activities are consistent with Indiana Digital Preservation’s mission and principles may join InDiPres. 

Join our Listserv


Send a message to               

In the subject line, type the following: 

subscribe ALI-TECH-L  <Firstname Lastname> 

Leave the message body blank.

You will receive a message and may be asked to confirm your subscription request before it can be processed.

Committee Details


  • Maintain awareness of existing and emerging technologies in academic libraries
  • Develop technological expertise to benefit ALI libraries
  • Share best practices, training, and professional development opportunities with ALI libraries



  • Strengthen expertise to address the technology concerns and challenges of ALI libraries
  • Foster a culture of collaboration and community among ALI members
  • Expand ALI communication to reach all ALI library personnel
  • Improve communication skills through ALI mentoring opportunities and sharing best practices
  • Ensure professional development for ALI library staff members and librarians
  • Address the topics identified by 2020 ALI surveys and ALI annual meeting breakout sessions.

The following are quotes and excerpts from member librarians / administrators shared during 2020 ALI surveys and 2020 ALI annual meeting breakout sessions

  • Support education during COVID-19
  • Support remote learning
  • Ensure online and virtual instruction best practices
  • Encouraging and developing shared expertise across a range of programs
  • ALI provides excellent professional development opportunities. Would love to see more, either regional or expand topics to new areas.
  • Help with technology issues
  • Resources are needed to explore and test innovative ideas
  • Explore technology in the libraries
    • Increase involvement of other library employees in ALI



  • Online meetings with ALI Technology Committee members and communication designees
  • Annual or Semi-Annual ALI wide events



  • Charge and committee creation – Fall 2020
  • Initial Survey to all ALI Institutions – Spring 2021
  • Create an ALI Technology Committee listserv – Spring 2021
  • Creation of Tech Website– Spring 2021



  • Draft initial charge (modify if needed) 
  • Form Committee