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Academic Libraries of Indiana (ALI): ALI Annual Meeting

All ALI Deans/Directors, ALI Chairs/Co-Chairs, and up to five ALI guests per ALI Dean/Director, are invited to attend the ALI Annual Meeting on May 13, 2022. All attendees must register. If you have not already registered or if you wish to bring additional guests, please click HERE to RSVP, and if you've already completed the ALI Annual Meeting Survey in March 2022, please use the link to RSVP again. The Zoom meeting details will be e-mailed to all registered attendees.

Help to Create the Pre-Meeting Slide Show!

The ALI Annual Planning Committee needs your help! We would like to create an ALI Library Events and Projects slideshow to be continuously shown between 9:15 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. on the day of the ALI Annual Meeting.  To create this slideshow, please send us a few slides that either promotes your library's events or your library’s projects.  All projects and events need to have occurred within the last year. Each library may submit multiple slides. We simply ask that you only submit one event per slide and only one project per slide. Include both the name of the institution and the name of the library on each slide.  Below is an example.  Please send your slides to Marisa Albrecht by May 5, 2022.

Example image of pre-meeting ALI events slideshow display

ALI Annual Meeting Details

ALI Annual Meeting

Theme:  Future Directions

May 13, 2022

Location: Zoom

Proposed ALI Annual Meeting Schedule (2022); All times Eastern


ALI Library Events and Projects Slideshow




Update from ALI President

(Jeff Beck, President)


Future Directions of ALI (Deans/Directors/Committee Chairs)

(Jeff Beck, Matthew Shaw, Beth McNeil; Julia Williams, Facilitator)


Library Hot Topics (Colleagues)

(Diane Dallis-Comentale)

10:00-10: 45

Breakout Session 1A: Land, Wealth, Liberation: The Making and Unmaking of Black Wealth in the United States

(Willa Tavernier and Rihona Bing-English)

Breakout Session 1B: A Vision for U.S. Repositories

(Tina Balch)


Breakout Session 2A: Indiana Libraries Leading in Diversity: Celebrate, Assess, Elevate

(Nikki Johnson and Kristi Palmer)

Breakout Session 2B: Collaborative Synergy: How Instructor + Librarian = Student Success

(Gary Arave and Tatiana Kolovou)



Lightning Talks

(Tim Renners)

  • Scholarly Communication (Eric Bradley)
  • Cool Projects in My Library (Darla Haines)
  • Change Management (Susan Thomas)
  • How My Library Survived COVID (Jessica Trinoskey)
  • Library Publicity (Peter Whiting)


Break for Lunch, Bio Break


Future Directions Think Thank Panel Session

(Marisa Albrecht)

ACRL (Julie Garrison); MCLS (Scott Garrison); OhioNet (Nancy Kirkpatrick); PALNI (Kirsten Leonard, Facilitator)


Thank Colleagues (non-Deans/Directors)

Prizes and Exit Survey


Business Meeting (Deans/Directors)

  • Call to order (Jeff Beck, President)
  • Reading and Approval of 2021 Minutes (Gabe Rios, Secretary) [VOTE]
  • Secretary’s Report (Gabe Rios, Secretary)
  • Treasurer’s Report and Approval of Annual Budget (Charla Gilbert, Treasurer) [VOTE]


Business Meeting Elections (Bernadette Ewen, Vice President)

  • 2022-2023 At-Large Candidates [VOTE]
  • 2022-2023 Executive Board of Directors


Thank You!



These topics are for colleagues to attend while ALI Library Deans and Directors are attending the Future Directions of ALI session.


Breakout sessions #1A

  • Title: Land, Wealth, Liberation: The Making and Unmaking of Black Wealth in the United States 
  • Description: This presentation introduces a groundbreaking digital resource created by Willa Tavernier, Research Impact & Open Scholarship Librarian at Indiana University, and team of dedicated colleagues at the Indiana University Libraries.  Willa will present the project on behalf of her colleagues and demonstrate the interactive timeline from 1820 to 2020, embedded with primary and secondary sources, and resources for educators. The research and digital collections illustrate the build-up and destruction of Black wealth in the United States. Presenters will also discuss the response to the project and the impact on the students working on the project and what this means for the conceptualization of the work libraries do. 
  • Presenter(s): Willa Tavernier, Research Impact & Open Scholarship Librarian, Rihona Bing-English, Masters student IU School of Social Work 


Breakout sessions #1B

  • Title: A Vision for U.S. Repositories
  • Description: As part of its Modernizing the Global Repository Network initiative, the Confederation of Open Access Repositories (COAR) partnered with Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition (SPARC) to hire a Visiting Program Officer for the U.S. Repository Network. Tina Baich has been serving in this role since September 2021.  In this presentation, Tina will share the work she has led to create a strategic vision for U.S. repositories to be operationalized by the nascent U.S. Repository Network (USRN). Envisioned as an inclusive community of U.S. repositories, the USRN will build a national strategy and create an action plan for achieving the strategic vision and thereby helping to transform scholarly communication.
  • Presenter(s): Tina Baich, VPO for U.S. Repository Network


Breakout sessions #2A

  • Title: Indiana Libraries Leading in Diversity: Celebrate, Assess, Elevate
  • Description:  Over 10 years have passed since the last cohort of fellows earned their MLS as part of the IMLS-funded, collaborative Indiana Librarians Leading in Diversity (ILLID).  The program sought to increase ethnic diversity in all types of libraries across the state of Indiana so that library staffs would better reflect the communities they served.  Collaborators from across the state have been gathering to 1) Learn from and celebrate the librarians who participated in the initial fellowship and 2) Determine the goals of the next iteration of ILLID. Hear about the first steps and goals of this Central Indiana Community Foundation funded project.
  • Presenter(s): Nikki Johnson, Social Sciences Librarian at IUPUI University Library; Kristi Palmer, Herbert Simon Family Dean of IUPUI University Library


Breakout sessions #2B

  • Title: Collaborative Synergy: How Instructor + Librarian = Student Success
  • Description: Tatiana Kolovou, has received numerous awards for her outstanding teaching, her Linked-In Learning courses are the most viewed on the platform, she is a wellness advocate and small business owner.  Gary Arave is a highly regarded teaching librarian with a doctorate in Information Science and a commitment to faculty and student success that has led to many productive and creative relationships with faculty. They will discuss how their partnership in the library helped them create authentic, inspiring learning experiences for undergraduate students
  • Presenter(s): Dr. Gary Arave, Research and Instruction Librarian at the Indiana University Libraries; Tatiana Kolovou, Senior Lecturer at the Kelley School of Business, Indiana University



Lenore Engler, Library Director, Ivy Tech Community College (Evansville)

[No photo available]

Lenore Engler is the Director of Library Services for the Carter Library at Ivy Tech Community College’s Evansville campus.  She serves on their Online Reference, Research, and Tutorials, and E-Resource teams and is the lead for the Assessment and Planning team.  She has been with Ivy Tech for 15 years and received her MLS from Indiana University in 2006.


Noelle Keller, Director of Library Services, Huntington College


Picture of Noelle Keller, Huntington College

Noelle Keller serves as the Director of Library Services and is also an Associate Professor of Library Services. Noelle specializes in information literacy instruction, curriculum outreach and resource integration, space planning, and collection development and maintenance. Outside of her regular business hours she acts as a book reviewer, mentor, and prayer volunteer.

Noelle hopes to use her skills and experience to contribute to the education, development, and growth of others. She strives to provide an environment and resources that will make everyone feel valued, engaged, supported, encouraged, and successful. Noelle is working to make the library a dynamic learning hub and center of reading, exploration, and creativity. In short, a place where people and ideas meet.

Noelle holds a  Master of Library Science from Kent State University, a Master of Education from The George Washington University, and a Bachelor of Arts, History, and Political Science from The George Washington University.



Trisha Mileham, Library Dean, Valparaiso University


Picture of Trisha Mileham, Valparaiso University

As Dean, Trisha Mileham is responsible for the leadership of the Christopher Center Library at Valparaiso University, an appointment she’s held since April 2018. Mileham joined the Valparaiso University faculty in 1998, earning promotion to associate professor (2004) and tenure (2005). In 2008, she was named Director of Library Research Services, managing the team-based department that encompassed library instruction, reference, circulation, programming and outreach services. Previously, she has served as an advisor for exploratory major and has taught in the Valpo’s FYE program. She also serves as a mentor for pre-tenure cohort librarians.

Mileham is a member of the College Library Director Mentoring Program (2019-20 cohort) as well as a member of the 2018 UCLA Senior Library Fellows Program cohort. She attended Harvard Graduate School of Education leadership institutes for academic librarians (2014, 2015) and was a member of the inaugural American Libraries Association Leadership Institute (2013).

In service to the University, Mileham has served on a variety of Faculty Senate committees and work supporting the University’s Action Agenda. She currently serves on the President’s Council, the University’s Budget Review Committee, Strategic Planning Leadership team, the Provost Council, and the Academic Leadership Council. In service to the library profession, she currently serves on ALI’s Mentorship Committee and is a long-standing member of ALA, ACRL, and Core.

Mileham holds an MA in library and information science from the University of Iowa and a BA in English from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point.

ALI Proxy Voting Form

During the ALI Annual Meeting there will be multiple votes (approval of ALI meeting minutes, 2022-2023 budget, selection of at large board candidate).

If you are an ALI Dean or ALI Director and you will not be able to join the 2022 ALI Annual Meeting as a Zoom meeting and vote, you may appoint a proxy.

To appoint a proxy, you must fill out this proxy form and e-mail it to Gabe Rios, ALI Secretary, before May 6, 2022.

Bylaw details:

Section 2.8 Voting by Proxy. A member entitled to vote at any meeting of members may vote either in person or by proxy. A member may appoint a proxy (who must be an employee of the same library or another member of the Corporation) to vote or otherwise act for the member by signing the required appointment form. An appointment of a proxy is valid for the meeting for which it has been provided. No proxy shall vote at any meeting of members unless the appointment form designating such proxy shall have been filed with the Secretary or other officer or agent authorized to tabulate votes.

Date:  ________________________________________

Name of Library Dean/ Director: __________________________________

Name of Library: __________________________________________

Name of proxy: __________________________________________

Library of proxy: __________________________________________



Email completed form to Gabe Rios at