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Academic Libraries of Indiana (ALI): ALI Annual Meeting

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ALI Now and in the Future


Now and in the Future

The theme of the meeting is “ALI Now and in the Future.”  We will be voting on our vision and mission statement, discussing future ALI pathways, approving bylaws, conducting the annual business meeting, and networking with leaders of academic libraries from across Indiana.


This meeting is an important time for you to voice what you need from ALI for you, your library, and your institution to be successful and for you to volunteer to help ALI during the 2020-2021 academic year.  The resulting feedback from this meeting will be used to shape ALI’s strategic plan. 


Deans and directors are welcome to invite another member of your library as a guest to join in on this meeting. Your guest should be someone you would like to see involved in ALI committees in the future.


While deans and directors attend the annual business meeting, there will be a facilitated breakout session for all guests of deans, directors, and committee members on future ALI pathways.

ALI Annual Meeting Details

FacilitatorDr. Julia Williams. Professor of English, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology. MACH Speaker/Facilitator


Julia M. Williams joined the faculty of the Humanities and Social Sciences Department at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology in 1992, then assumed duties as Executive Director of the Office of Institutional Research, Planning, and Assessment in 2005. In 2016, she was appointed Interim Dean of Cross-Cutting Programs and Emerging Opportunities. She returned to the classroom in 2019. Her experience in undergraduate teaching began in 1985 when she taught English Composition at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, then continued through her graduate years at Emory University, where she received the Excellence in Teaching Award from the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. Throughout her career at Rose-Hulman, she has blended her work in the classroom with work in assessment. Williams’ publications on assessment, engineering and professional communication, and tablet PCs have appeared in the Journal of Engineering Education, IEEE Transactions on Professional Communication, Technical Communication Quarterly, and The Impact of Tablet PCs and Pen-based Technologies in the Classroom, among others. She has been awarded grants from Microsoft, HP, the Engineering Communication Foundation, and NSF. She has also collaborated with colleagues at Rose-Hulman and at the University of Washington Center for Evaluation & Research in STEM Equity (CERSE) to support the work of the Revolutionizing Engineering and Computer Science Departments (RED) grant recipients. Williams has received numerous awards including the 2015 Schlesinger Award (IEEE Professional Communication Society), and the 2010 Sterling Olmsted Award (ASEE Liberal Education Division).





ALI Annual Meeting

Theme:  ALI Now and in the Future

May 8, 2020

Location: ZOOM

Proposed schedule

Location:  Comfort of your Home

Proposed schedule

9:00-9:30---------Logging in --Getting comfortable

9:35-9:40-------Welcome and technology tips

9:40- 9:55-------- Meeting overview of the proposed Vision Statements and the Mission statements

9:50-9:55------- Library Deans/Directors  electronically vote on the Vision Statement and the Mission statement

9:55 -10:00------Results of the vote on the vision and mission statements

10:00-10:35-----Overview of ALI Committees by ALI President

  1. Affordable Learning  Committee
  2. Assessment Committee
  3. Communications Committee
  4. Information Literacy Committee
  5. Resource Advisory Committee
  6. Resource Sharing Committee
  7. Scholarly Communications Committee
  8. Shared Collections Committee

10:35-10:45---Review of Ali Strategic Plan survey

10:45- 11:30------First Breakout on possible future pathways

  1. Professional Development/Training
  2. Technology
  3. Management Best Practices
  4. External Partners

11:30-12:00------ Feedback from first breakout session

12:00-12:30-------Break for lunch. Zoom sessions open for discussing, sharing thoughts

12:30-1:00------ High level findings from the breakout and group presentations

1:00-1:45 --------Second Breakout session committees.  Attended by all guests of Directors/Deans, committee members, and Facilitator

1:00-1:45--------ALI Member Business meeting

  1. Call to order (Marna Hostetler, President)
  2. Reading and Approval of 2019 Minutes (Denise Shorey, Secretary)
  3. Secretary’s Report (Denise Shorey)
  4. Treasurer’s Report (Polly Boruff-Jones)
  5. Review of ALI Bylaw Revisions (Marna Hostetler)
  6. Board and Officer Elections
    1. Candidate for President: Marna Hostetler (USI)
    2. Candidate for Vice President:  Bernadette Ewen (Rose Hulman)
    3. Candidate for Treasurer:   Charla Gilbert (Vincennces)
    4. Candidate for Secretary: Denise Shorey (Franklin College)
    5. At Large Candidates:
      1. Matthew Shaw (Ball State)
      2. Joe Thomas (St. Mary’s College)
      3. Rusty Tryon (St. Mary of the Woods College)
  7. Announce the At Large member for 2020-2021

1:45--2:00------ALI members and Committee members join and listen to the results of the Committee members’ breakout

Adjourn -------Meeting adjourned


At Large Candidates


Matthew Shaw – Ball State University

Matthew Shaw is Dean of University Libraries at Ball State University and provides strategic and administrative direction to the University Libraries, which consists of Bracken Library, the Architecture Library, the Health Library, and the Science Library and serves approximately 20,000 students.  He holds a Master’s in Library and Information Sciences from Indiana University and a Master of Arts in Executive Development for Public Service from Ball State.  Before returning to Ball State University, he served as Director of the Library at the University of Indianapolis (2013-2016) where he collaboratively led a multi-million dollar renovation of the Krannert Memorial Library and Mayoral Archives.  Mr. Shaw has extensive experience with the Academic Libraries of Indiana and served as past member of the Board of Directors (2013-2019) and Board Secretary (2015-2019).  Additionally, he chaired the ALI Resource Sharing Committee for several years and has served on various committees and task forces related to strategic planning, bylaws, scholarly communications, and shared print.  Through his broad involvement with the Indiana State Library and additional board experiences with the Private Academic Library Network of Indiana and the Midwest Collaborative for Library Services, Mr. Shaw has developed strong experience in statewide and regional library collaboration.  As member-at-large, Mr. Shaw will use these experiences to continue service to ALI, engaging in cooperative work to address challenges, solve problems, and anticipate future opportunities related to the robust network of academic libraries in Indiana.


Joe Thomas – St. Mary’s College


Rusty Tryon - St. Mary of the Woods College

Rusty Tryon serves as the Director of the Mary and Andrew Rooney Library at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College, a position he has held since December 2019. Although Rusty was born and raised in Terre Haute, he spent the past sixteen years working in various types of academic libraries in several states. From 2003-2012, he worked in a theological library and community college library in the Kansas City area before relocating to Virginia to work in a university library from 2012-2016. Most recently, he served several years (2016-2019) as the library director at a liberal arts college in Louisiana. In these various positions, his work focused primarily on collections. Rusty’s research interests include assessment, library collections, and library management and administration. He has written and presented on these topics locally and nationally. He has also served in various capacities in library



During the annual meeting there will be multiple votes (Approval of ALI meeting minutes, 2020-2021 budget, revised bylaws. Vote on ALI’s vision statement, mission statement, and board and officer elections).


If you are an ALI Dean or ALI Director and you will not able to join the 2020 ALI Annual Meeting as a Zoom meeting and vote, you may appoint a proxy.


To appoint a proxy, you must fill out the proxy form ALI Proxy Voting Form 


Bylaw details:

Section 2.8 Voting by Proxy. A member entitled to vote at any meeting of members may vote either in person or by proxy. A member may appoint a proxy (who must be an employee of the same library or another member of the Corporation) to vote or otherwise act for the member by signing the required appointment form. An appointment of a proxy is valid for the meeting for which it has been provided. No proxy shall vote at any meeting of members unless the appointment form designating such proxy shall have been filed with the Secretary or other officer or agent authorized to tabulate votes.

ALI Annual Members Meeting