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Mentorship Committee: Links and Resources

ALI Annual Skills Directory and Survey

The Mentorship Committee has created a Skills Directory Survey that will be comprised of participating ALI members and their associated skills and areas of expertise. The directory will be a way for ALI members to connect with colleagues across the state, providing contacts for support, discussion, feedback or collaboration in a particular area of interest. This survey will also be emailed via the ALI Mentorship Committee listserv and the ALI Connect listserv every fall, so it will be updated yearly with the most current information of those who choose to participate in sharing their information.

View the published directory here: ALI Annual Skills Directory

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The ALI Mentorship Listserv is for those who’d like updates on mentorship opportunities, professional development, forming mentorship cohorts or relationships, and for connecting with other ALI members on a range of topics such as role transitions, work skills, DEI efforts, etc. For tough topics, questions may be posted to the listserv anonymously by filling out this brief form.

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ALI-CONNECT-L facilitates connecting everyone who works in ALI member libraries for discussion, sharing, and participation in ALI events, committees, and activities. 

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