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Mentorship Committee: About Us

What We Do

Our committee was established in summer of 2021.

Our charge:

  •  Define the scope of ALI mentorship. 
  • Recommend mentoring pathways and strategies for keeping members, prospective librarians, and other associates informed of ALI’s activities, initiatives, and opportunities for involvement. 
  • Create a structure to help manage and assess the ongoing opportunities within the mentoring spectrum. 
  • Establish a process for ongoing evaluation of the program (i.e. regular feedback from mentees and mentors, the process of establishing matches, committee member(s) identified as a point of contact for participants in the program.) 

Meet Our Team


Beth South 
IU East


Rachel Fundator
Purdue University

Tina Baich

Trisha Milehan
Valparaiso University

Eve Stano
Ball State University

Erla Heyns
Purdue University

Kirsten Williams
University of Southern Indiana

Frances Yates
IU East

Gabe Rios
IU School of Medicine