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2016 ALI Information Literacy UnConference: Why "UnConference"?

Why an "UnConference"?

A conference, no matter how well organized, presents information more than shares information. How often have you attended a conference where you identified with the presentation, you experienced a twist to what was presented and so wanted to share your experience but such sharing was not part of the conference format?

An UnConference is you bringing your experiences, prepared to share your experiences, with others identifying with you and what you do! The format is open for your participation, it actually depends on your participation, you sharing your wonderful experiences.

Recognizing skills as library instructors, and sharing the successes, spreading new ideas throughout the state and utilizing and improving upon methods, benefiting all of our students throughout the state. Learning from one another about approaches, movements, activities going on in single location which could possibly become statewide. Connecting with one another, throughout the state, energizing one another with ideas, successes, and goals for information literacy.

In an UnConference we each are the participants. We bring our best received lesson plan, our method of assessing our library instruction, our collaborations with faculty, incorporating activities into course syllabi and more. What do you want to share with us?

Participating making this Unconference, your conference (or UrConference).

Learn More about the "UnConference"

Possibilities for Transformational Conferences
Tree Bressen writes about “heartfelt, engaged participation” which can take place during an unconference. How can we transform our initial single experiences teaching information literacy to statewide information literacy benefiting all of our students?

Conversation Cafe
The conversation café is a version of the unconference. Vicki Robin envisioned the café meeting as a way to generate social engagement; we need to know, feel, and identify as individuals that we are not alone promoting information literacy. We need to know the community, of which we are each a part, involved in recognizing the importance of information literacy and instilling in our students information literacy. Participation in the Information Literacy UnConference will make the statewide information literacy community a reality for all of us.