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2016 ALI Information Literacy UnConference: 2016 Conference Discussion Notes

Breakout Session Schedule (Approximate flow of events)

Example of how the day will unfold:

Discussion Topic: Developing Partnerships w/fac with IL; faculty resistance to librarian help; fac perceptions; relationship building


Discussion Topic: Collaboration in Assignment Design

IL Assignment Design Discussion Notes


Discussion Topic:  Partnering at Curriculum/Dept.Level - Programmatic IL

Discussion Topic:  Standards - Framework - How to Communicate
Framework Standards Discussion NotesFramework Standards Discussion Notes
Discussion Topic:  Student retention / Student success
Student Retention / Student Success Discussion Notes
Student Retention & Success Discussion Notes
Discussion Topic:  Writing Programs
IL & Writing Programs DiscussionIL & Writing Programs Discussion
Discussion Topic:  Partnering outside the Library & IL
Patnering outside the Library with IL
Discussion Topic:  IL and Career Readiness
Information Literacy and Career Readiness DiscussionInformation Literacy and Career Readiness Discussion
Information Literacy and Career Readiness Discussion