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Information Literacy Committee: 2021 ILC Conference

Information and Resources from the Information Literacy Committee of the Academic Libraries of Indiana (ALI)

Tips for The virtual Poster conference

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2021 ALI Information Literacy Conference Schedule

Live event: Wednesday, July 14th, 10:00 am EDT - 1:10 pm EDT

Below is the schedule for the live ALI IL conference. Please check out the various presentations and the Question and Answer (Q/A) sessions you would like to attend this Wednesday. To join a Q&A session, click on the “Chat with Presenter” button below the presentation title and abstract and you will be brought to the presenter’s personal meeting room.

Image of single poster session, arrow pointing to Chat with presenter button in lower left corner of the the display

Each presentation will have some author-provided keywords following a central theme. The central themes include the following:

  • New approach/opportunity
  • Engagement
  • Accessibility
  • Reflection/assessment
  • Reference
  • Best Practices
  • Time


    Presenter(s) & Titles


    Welcome & Keynote


    Eric Bradley, 2021-2022 ALI IL Committee Chair


    Keynote:Experiential Sensemaking through Reflective Practice and Appreciative Inquiry”

    Lisa Janicke Hinchliffe, Professor and Coordinator for Information Literacy & Services, UIUC


    Q/A Session 1

    “From Pen and Paper to Online Forms: Transforming Library Assignments”

    Magen Melton

    Theme: New approach or opportunity

    “Reinventing Ourselves: New Opportunities for Mid-career Teachers”

    Lisa Jarrell and Sally Neal

    Theme: Reflection/assessment

    “Together, apart: Building meaningful relationships in the HyFlex classroom”

    Annette Bochenek and Zoeanna Mayhook

    Theme: Engagement

    “Stepping Up: Making Accessibility More Accessible”

    Sarah Reifel and Emily Little

    Theme: Accessibility

    “Beyond the Black Box: Creating Agency with Google Docs”

    Catherine Pellegrino and Andrew Misler

    Theme: Best Practices


    Q/A Session 2

    “Why haven’t we always done this? Asynchronous peer teaching observation for student success”

    Sara Lowe

    Theme: Reflection/assessment

    “A Friendly Introduction to Copyright: Creative Commons and Open Licensing”

    Lauren Bellard

    Theme: New approach or opportunity

    “Leveraging the moment: Benefits of a collaborative approach to IL instruction”

    Rachel Fundator and Ula Gaha

    Theme: Best Practices

    “Instruction at the Reference Desk”

    Erica McFarland

    Theme: Reference services

    “Mass Planning, Delivery, and Assessment of Library Instruction Online: One Team’s Experiences”

    Rachel Olsen

    Theme: New approach or opportunity


    Q/A Session 3

    “Geography of online reference during the time of Covid-19”

    Thomas Gerrish

    Theme: Reference services

    “From Books to Looks: Teaching Search Strategies Online”

    Ann Spinney

    Theme: New approach or opportunity

    “Evolution of Library Instruction: How a Community College Library Provided Customized Instruction During the 2020 Pandemic Lockdown”

    Eleanor Moss

    Theme: New approach or opportunity

    “Pandemic as the Mother of Invention: Meeting Change While Maintaining Excellence”

    David Dunham

    Theme: Best Practices


    Q/A Session 4

    “A, B, or All of the Above: Flexibility in a Year of Uncertainty”

    Tonya Fawcett

    Theme: New approach or opportunity

    “Promoting Engagement in Online Learning: Lessons from Zooming”

    Shane White

    Theme: Engagement

    “Delivering Peer Coaching Online”

    Eric Bradley and Beth Daniel Lindsay

    Theme: Reflection/assessment

    “Scientific News Literacy Education in a Large Online Undergraduate Course”

    Wei Zakharov

    Theme: New approach or opportunity

    “Tips for Live Library Instruction Conducted Over Video Conferencing Software”

    Eleanor Moss

    Theme: Best Practices


    Closing Address *return to keynote room

    Eric Bradley,

    2021-2022 ALI IL Committee Chair