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ALI Assessment Committee: Standardized Assessment Tools

Materials archive from ALI Assessment Committee Events. This is intended to be the sharing location for materials hosted on other sites, like YouTube, institutional repositories, and their like.


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Higher Education Data Sharing Consortium

The HEDS Research Practice Survey asks students about their research experiences and assesses their skills in finding, evaluating, and citing sources. Your college's results can be compared with results from other institutions. The Research Practice Survey takes ~20 minutes to complete.

For information on cost, suggested uses,  or to download a sample survey visit Research Practices Survey.

National Survey of Student Engagement

NSSE has provided since 2013 an Experiences with Information Literacy module. The module asks students about their use of information and how much their instructors emphasized the proper use of information sources. 
To view the module questions visit Topical Module: Experiences with Information Literacy.


Standardized Assessment of Information Literacy Skills

Project SAILS is one of the earliest information literacy assessment surveys. For more information, visit About our Information Literacy Test.