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Academic Libraries of Indiana (ALI) is an organization representing all academic libraries in accredited non-profit institutions of higher education in Indiana. Included among the 72 ALI members are major research libraries, law and medical libraries, theological school libraries, and many undergraduates libraries.

ALI was established in 2003 to:

  • Support economic development in Indiana
  • Promote collaboration, innovation, preservation, and resource sharing
  • Maintain resources for improving teaching, learning, research and service
  • Improve Indiana's information infrastructure


Upcoming Events

Save the Date

May 4, 2018

ALI Members Annual Meeting

Academic Libraries, forward thinking, active learning for student success

To be held at the Stewart Center at Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN

Academic Libraries, Forward Thinking, Active Learning for Student Success

Keynote Speaker: Dr. James Mullins,   

                         recently retired Dean of Purdue University Libraries

       Through publications and presentations, Dean Mullins has influenced and helped revise the practices and standards for university research libraries through national and international professional associations.

       Served in leadership roles within the American Library Association, Association of Research Libraries and the International Federation of Library Associations

                                          WALC Panelists:


           Vickie Killion             Nanatte Andersson         Amanda Gill

Tours the Thomas S. and Harvey D. Wilmeth Active Learning Center