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Academic Libraries of Indiana (ALI): Resource Advisory Committee

Resource Advisory Committee


Determine options (models) for the process of identifying an expanded set of online resources to license, and models for short and long term funding. Make recommendations for establishing expertise on licensing terms and legal aspects, as well as negotiation strategies. Give consideration to the issues of authentication and digital archiving for these resources as appropriate. Provide an estimated budget, and an assessment of the broader impact on strategies for legislative funding, such as issues related to the public good.


Peter Whiting, Chair
[University of Southern Indiana]
Lynné Colbert, Secretary
[Marian University]
Keven Petsche
Alison Lampley,
[Purdue University]

Lori Duggan [IU-Bloomington]

Cindy Mitchell [Ivy Tech]

Jan Maxwell [Notre Dame]


Peter Whiting

University of Southern Indiana